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Rosé pairs well with...everything. Every food, moment, activity, all of it. We challenge you to come up with one of life's special moments that isn't made just a TINY BIT BETTER with rosé... 

We're super proud of our rosé and have heard multiple times that we make some of the best rosé around!  That means it's gotta be true!  So triple up your good time with this classic rosé trio!  Each trio includes:

GAMETIME Rosé: A crisp, light blend of Grenache, Syrah, & Mourvedre.  Fruit-forward, floral notes, hints of strawberry.  Easy drinking, dry style. It's GAMETIME! 

Drip Rosé: THE drink of summer 2022.  Another GSM blend that's easy-drinking, full of juicy red fruits, sweet citrus, and dry style. Think of a french rosé with a little more pizzaz!  

NPX1: A first of it's kind rosé experience. Scan the Flowcode on the front label to unlock a playlist by DJ Nicole Rosé & more! This one features a crisp acidity, easy drinking, dry style, with notes of fresh mountain strawberries!  Serve chilled to the max!  

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