Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe - Adame Gorbota Station

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Oz: 32
Grind: Cold Brew

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Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe - Adame Gorbota Station

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Peach, Blackberry

Washing Station: Adame Gorbota

Process: Naturally processed

Altitude: 1,937 – 1,950 MASL

Species: 100% Arabica

Varietals: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

This is our third Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in the Per’La portfolio and we love the well rounded combination of fruit notes plus the delicate body

Wenago is in the northwestern part of the coveted Gedeo  Zone—the narrow section of highland plateau dense with savvy farmers and fiercely competitive processors whose coffee is known the world over as “Yirgacheffe”, after the Zone’s most famous district. The Gedeo region is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. As a coffee terroir, Gedeo has for decades been considered a benchmark for beauty and complexity in arabica coffee, known for being beguilingly ornate and jasmine-like when fully washed, and seductively punchy and sweet when sundried. Great coffees from here hardly require an introduction among coffee roasters, many of whom would count Gedeo, or “Yirgacheffe”, as one of the terroirs that lured them into a lifetime of coffee admiration.

Adame Gorbota’s members may have as much as 2 hectares apiece, although the co-op’s average member has less than 0.5. These are quintessential Gedeo family farms: small and forested, whose production is often divided between spacious, lofty coffee trees and enset, a fruitless cousin of the banana plant whose pulp is packed into cakes, fermented underground, and then toasted as a staple starch. This common pair of crops satisfies unique and separate needs: coffee for economic livelihood; and enset for nutrition.

Processing for Adame Gorbota members occurs at one of two different sites outside the town of Wenago. Cherry is often delivered directly by farmer members or, in the case of members living further away, to select collection sites run by the cooperative. The arrival cherry is sorted by hand first to separate the less dense cherries. Then, the good cherries are taken to raise bed to dry under the sunlight for about 21 days. After the coffee is dried with cherry, it is then milled to remove the husks and then transported to the final processing warehouse. Fully dried coffee is rested for one month on cooperative property, and then transported to the Union’s storage facility and dry mill for washed coffee in Addis Ababa.

We hope you love this newest addition to our African coffee portfolio as much as we do!

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Oz: 32
Grind: Cold Brew