Brownie Batter

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Fulfilled by our friends at DEUX

Vegan | Gluten free | with Aloe Vera + Vitamin C for Collagen Boost

This bb is fudgey, gooey and a 12/10. It legit tastes so much like the boxed brownie batter variety that you won’t believe it’s good-for-you (it is). Our collagen support is made from Aloe Vera Extract (1200 mg per jar) + Vitamin C (180 mg per jar) to help keep you looking and feeling amazing.

Eat straight from the jar or roll into balls, flatten and bake at 350° F for 8-9 min. 12 servings per jar.

See images for nutrition facts and ingredients. As seen on Shark Tank.

We ship with ice packs to protect the DEUX, but if you experience warm jars no sweat, just pop it in the fridge. 

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